Ricksoft’s 2022: A Year of Innovation and Accomplishment

As we fondly look back on 2022, it has clearly been a rewarding year filled with unexpected trends, significant growth, and fruitful developments, all in the name of making project management that much easier.

Right around the corner, 2023 is approaching with quickening footsteps. But before we embrace the new year and bid adieu to 2022, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the most memorable events that have shaped our journey so far!

2022 in Review

In tandem with the return to normalcy after a year of Covid-19, we at Ricksoft managed to make progress in expanding our vision. Here’s a recap of some of our most noteworthy accomplishments in the past year:

#1 | We Expanded Our Product Portfolio with Three Apps

While Excel-like Tables for Confluence and Secure Custom Fields for Jira have been in the Marketplace since last year, 2022 was the year that we officially rolled out the paid versions! Both apps have continued to grow in capabilities and we look forward to enhancing the value we deliver to our users in 2023!

We also welcomed a new app to the Marketplace!

Gantt Chart Planner for Confluence
Easily create Gantt charts in Confluence!

Gantt charts can be a PM’s best friend. Unfortunately, many view them as overly complicated and intimidating, which was the impetus behind our latest solution: Gantt Chart Planner for Confluence.

Made to help Confluence PMs create Gantt charts with minimal stress, with our app’s intuitive and clean UI and the ability to import/export data and drag-and-drop dependency, we take all the hassle out of the equation.

#2 | We Launched Our First-ever Webinar: A Buyer’s Guide to Jira Agile Project Management Apps

Missed our live webinar? Catch our on-demand recording at any time!

Missed our live webinar? Catch our on-demand recording at any time!

Marking a first in Ricksoft’s history, one of our proudest moments in 2022 was launching our first-ever webinar: A Buyer’s Guide to Jira Agile Project Management Apps.

In our webinar, we tackled Jira’s inherent problem—it isn’t perfect, and it lacks in a number of areas. With our very own Atlassian Certified Expert, we covered some of Jira’s most pressing limitations before suggesting how Agile teams can get around them by using a number of third-party apps.

We also hosted our first Atlassian Community Event where we talked about Jira Product Discovery – one of Atlassian’s newest products. Learn more about Jira Product Discovery by checking out the event recording here!

#3 | We Physically Attended Atlassian Team 2022 After Two Years of Digital Attendance

It felt good meeting our customers and partners face-to-face again.

After two years of not being able to attend Atlassian Team events physically, we finally were back in person earlier this year during Team ‘22 in Las Vegas.

We were beyond ecstatic to talk about our products, how Agile teams could best utilize them, and the latest trends in teamwork. We can’t wait to start preparing for Team ‘23 next year!

#4 | We Published a Blog Series Dedicated to Debunking Jira Myths

Debunking Jira Myths Feature Image
Our series was curated to help PMs wade through untrue Jira myths.

Designed to debunk some of the most common Jira myths we’ve seen floating around, we created our “Debunking Jira Myths” series of five blogs to differentiate fact from fiction for the PM.

From tackling the myth that Jira is unintuitive to addressing Jira’s lack of in-depth reporting capabilities to even busting the misconception that Jira progress tracking is ineffective, our series touched on all this and more!

#5 | We Achieved New Milestones – Thanks to You!

We Are Officially a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner

We couldn’t have done it without you!

We were over the moon when we became an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner earlier this year!

This absolutely would not have happened without the support and loyalty of all our customers.  Getting an award like this only reminds us that our solutions are the preferred choice of countless Atlassian users across the globe.

We Reached 10,000+ Active Installations on the Atlassian Marketplace

It still boggles our minds when we think about how many users we have!

In 2022 we hit one of our most thrilling milestones: 10,000+ active installations!

We’re incredibly grateful to all of you who helped make this happen by putting your trust in our solutions. Thank you for helping us accomplish this, and know that things will only get more interesting from here onwards!

Our Paid Apps Are All Now Cloud Fortified

Atlassian Marketplace apps are given the Cloud Fortified designation when they meet the highest standards for reliability, security, and support.

Being cloud-fortified has always been a priority for us as we want to ensure that our users can experience our apps’ capabilities worry-free. Now, all of our paid apps are Cloud Fortified!

Looking Ahead

2022 has been an amazing year for Ricksoft, filled with meaningful strides, but we’re only getting started. Stay in touch as we’ll soon unveil what’s next in store for Ricksoft’s upcoming evolution for 2023!


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