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Unify your team's efforts with Ricksoft's collaborative work management solutions. We help you unleash the power of Jira and Confluence to achieve success.

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From laying a project groundwork to managing resources, creating content to analyzing information, automating manual tasks, and more, Ricksoft apps give you the complete freedom to orchestrate the team’s collaboration on Jira and Confluence at scale.





Whether you manage agile delivery in Jira or craft a more structured business plan in Confluence, you’ll find just the right tools for carrying out work and keeping stakeholders aligned.

Spreadsheet View

Enhance your Jira board with a spreadsheet view using Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor. Easily filter issues, organize and prioritize tasks to reflect your product’s changing requirements. No worries about interrupting the current task flow by staging the plan before committing.

Dynamic Gantt Charts

Bring your project plan to life with the interactive Gantt Chart Planner for Confluence app. Gain better project visualization with a work breakdown structure and relationships between tasks, so teams can stay on top of their work schedule and dependencies, especially for managing a mix of Jira and non-Jira tasks.

Embedded Data Tables

Share business information across project teams more easily with embedded Excel-like tables for Confluence. You can generate insights from data tables without leaving Confluence. It’s great for keeping relevant data sheets within your Confluence site for seamless project audit trails.

Seamless Reporting

Aside from tracking and prioritizing tasks, you can leverage our apps to build simple dashboards for different reporting needs in Jira and Confluence: project estimates vs actual delivery progress, team capacity, sprint velocity report, or support tickets SLAs.


Organize and structure Confluence content to improve knowledge sharing, empowering teams with the information they need when they need it.

Jira-Excel Integration

Many Jira users work with external spreadsheet data processing, such as test cases and financial statements. You can now create advanced data tables directly on Jira tickets with Excel-like tables for Jira – there’s no need to jump between tools to find information, work smoother with this versatile app!

Streamlined Content Management

Don’t let your Confluence site become a content dumping ground, take advantage of our app Pages Manager for Confluence to clean up or update content relevancy, from labels management to page status updates, restrictions, and more. Your teams can now easily navigate the Confluence site and find important pages faster.

Automated Content Distribution

When teams collaborate on separate Confluence spaces and sites, it’s challenging to broadcast important information. Teams often end up duplicating pages everywhere. With Space Sync for Confluence, you can automatically distribute content from one space to multiple locations, even external sites, and keep them in sync. So that teams can co-create and update content from anywhere


Optimize project planning and resource management to ensure your team focuses on the right priorities.

Resource Planning

Manage resources and track team workloads across Jira and Confluence with Gantt Chart Planner for Confluence. If any team member appears over-committed, you will be alerted to take action to prevent bottlenecks or a drop in productivity.

Bulk Issue Management

As the team executes the project, use Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira to ensure efficient issue management, reduce complexity, and enhance overall project efficiency by filtering and organizing Jira issues to suit your project requirements.

Enhanced Security

Strengthen your project security configuration to ensure that only authorized teams have access to sensitive project information. That’s where Secure Custom Fields for Jira comes in! This app gives you more granular control over Jira field-level security while still ensuring general issue data is accessible by relevant users.

Context Switching

Our apps seamlessly integrate with Jira and Confluence, reducing context switching and creating a focused workspace where everything you need for effective project execution is readily available from one platform—Atlassian.

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