Jira Project Planning is Now Visual

Visualize project success on a Gantt-based timeline. Enjoy a powerful new way to manage projects and teams in Jira.

WBS Gantt Chart for Jira

Plan Your Way to Project Success

When you have complex Jira projects to manage, you need a clear path to success. WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira gives you the power to easily visualize dependencies, manage resources, and master your milestones. All from a quick and intuitive Microsoft Project-like interface.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I'm updating my previous review based on the excellent support I received from Sean, shortly after I made the comment that I was performing a lot of manual work to get the information I needed Sean contacted me to get more information. I emailed him a list of all the issues I was experiencing and he emailed me information on how to fix these issues. I find it a little overwhelming when I'm trying to find answers on how to fix certain things in JIRA and not being able to talk to a developer that is able to help me so I would like to give a huge shout out to Sean for his excellent customer service, I can tell Sean and his team cares about the end-user and it is nice to know that they are here to help us. Great job!

- Brenda Jacomy -
Project Manager, United Planet GmbH

WBS Gantt-Chart integrates well with Jira and represents the Jira issues well as waterfall oriented Gantt charts. Their support staff is very responsive and helpful to address many questions. I worked with 3 individuals who all went over and above to help me with the integration and setup of WBS Gantt-Chart. I recommend this tool for anyone who is still doing waterfall or some flavor of it.

- Chris Frederick -

Our organization loves this app. The issue template feature is very useful :‑)

- Flann Clemence -

One of the best Gantt tool available on JIRA. Definitely recommend to anyone who wishes to have MS Project view in JIRA. Also this tool allows import and export to MS project!!

- Suman Palle -
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Visualize Dependencies and Achieve Milestones

WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira gives you the ability to visualize dependencies, manage resources and master your milestones at a glance.

  • Project planning icon

    Easy Project Planning

  • Stay ahead of blockers icon

    Stay Ahead of Blockers

  • Enterprise grade capabilities icon

    Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

  • Microsoft Project Alternative

    #1 MS Project Alternative

Easy Project Planning

Experience a world-class and user-friendly Gantt Chart app that’s made for busy PMPs.

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface

    Drag-and-Drop Interface

    Easily adjust the schedules, display order, and relationships of issues.

  • 4 Types of Task Dependencies

    4 Types of Task Dependencies

    Set issue dependencies (Start-Start, Start-End, End-Start, End-End) for progressive project success.

Easy Project Planning
Drag and Drop feature to easily adjust the schedules and relationship of issues Set issue dependencies in your Jira Gantt Chart

Stay Ahead of Blockers

Continuous tracking leads your projects closer to success.

  • Project Milestones

    Project Milestones

    Quickly set milestones to keep your project on schedule.

  • Task Monitoring

    Task Monitoring

    Leverage features like critical paths and baseline plan tracking to boost progress.

Stay Ahead of Blockers
Set project milestone Utilize features like critical paths and baseline plan tracking for task monitoring

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Master your projects with a robust suite of project management tools.

  • Built for Speed

    Built for Speed

    Enjoy the fastest load times and nearly instantaneous updates for up to 10,000 issues.

  • Smart Workload Allocation

    Smart Workload Allocation

    Get alerts when resources are overcommitted to instantly reallocate workload.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities
Enjoy the fastest load time and nearly instantaneous updates for 10,000+ issues. Smart workload and resources allocation

#1 MS Project Alternative

Instantly turn Jira into a powerful alternative to Microsoft Project.

  • MS Project-like Interface

    MS Project-like Interface

    For the newbies, ease your way from MS Project into Jira using the app’s Gantt-based interface.

  • One-Click Import/Export

    One-Click Import/Export

    Just a click is all it takes to share your formatted project data between Jira and Microsoft Project.

#1 MS Project Alternative
MS Project-like Interface One-click data import and export between Jira and Microsoft Project.

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Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner

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Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner ENTERPRISE

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