Jira Project Management Made Easy with Gantt Charts

Visualize your project from scheduling to resource management for greater success. Track milestones alongside your deliverables to ensure consistent alignment between teams and stakeholders. Gain a bird’s eye view of your project from start to finish using the Work Breakdown Structure and identify blockers ahead of time.

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Jira Project Management Made Easy with Gantt Charts

Elevate Project Management Experience for Your Teams with Data Visualization Capabilities

Sifting through a vast amount of Jira project data is not only draining, it’s also unproductive. Switching between panels or screens to see data in different contexts also reduces work efficiency. With extensive data visualization capabilities like Gantt charts offer, you can easily engage with the data you need on a single screen. You can also have a clear view of how your data is manipulated by different variables (due date, dependencies, assignees, status, and priorities) and make changes directly.

Get the Big Picture of Your Project at a Glance and Sort Your Priorities Effectively

Jira’s roadmap can offer you a general overview of your projects, but it limits you from truly getting the big picture experience. For one, you can’t view hierarchies and priorities without having to click on each issue. With a built-in Gantt chart, such redundancies are eliminated as you can immediately enable the critical path view to see where your priorities lie and identify bottlenecks.

Manage Resources without a Hitch and Ensure Reasonable Workload Distribution

A lot of project managers struggle with resource management, especially when it comes to workload distribution. The lack of a central resource distribution function on Jira can prevent project managers from distributing workload in a justifiable way among team members. With the Smart Workload Allocation feature, you will be alerted when your resources are overburdened. Having that information at hand helps you make the right changes to better accommodate team members.

Track, Monitor, and Control Your Project Consistently Throughout Execution

The most critical part of securing project success is having the ability to not only track and monitor, but also control project progress and execution. A Gantt chart is specifically built to serve that purpose. Track your progress and monitor work so that you can control the direction of your project to ensure the most successful outcome. Leverage the progress line and baseline features to achieve this.

Drive Project Execution with Real-Time Data Front and Center

Data-driven teams achieve greater results because their decision-making processes are backed with insights and intelligence. Having all the critical project information laid out against a timeline can help you manage your expectations as well as projections.

Your path towards greater project success starts now – so, what are you waiting for?



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