On-Demand Webinar for PMs: A Buyer’s Guide to Jira Agile Project Management Apps

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our “A Buyer’s Guide to Jira Agile Project Management Apps” webinar on October 20, 2022. It was great to see all of you, and we hope you found the event both helpful and informative. Jira may be a fantastic solution for project management, but why not enhance it with a few third-party apps?

If you couldn’t attend the live webinar, don’t worry. You can access the on-demand webinar recording at your own convenience by clicking the button below.

In our webinar, we tackled some of Jira’s most pressing limitations as it comes out-of-box together with our very own Atlassian Certified Expert, Raziman Dom. From Jira’s sometimes overwhelming user interface (UI) to its lack of fundamental capabilities such as extensive data visualization and data analytics, we covered how Jira users could get around this, which third-party apps they should consider, and so much more.

Watch our on-demand recording to learn about:

  • Out-of-box Jira’s limitations
  • Capabilities Agile Teams Need to Address Jira’s Limitations
  • Atlassian Marketplace Apps that Can Meet Agile Teams’ Needs
  • How to Leverage the Apps for Effective Agile Project Management

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