Ricksoft soars into the cloud with Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new add-on, “Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud”. Highly secure and very affordable, this is Ricksoft’s first product for the cloud. Ever since we launched “Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Server” in January last year, we’ve had lots of requests from JIRA Cloud customers all over the world for a cloud version. Our product developers worked hard to meet your demands, and our marketing team is now looking forward to introducing our new product at the upcoming Atlassian Summit in Barcelona. We made it!

Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud has a built-in spreadsheet to edit JIRA issues.

Have you ever felt that JIRA’s bulk change feature is not particularly user-friendly? With Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud, you can now update multiple JIRA issues all at the same time using a built-in spreadsheet. No other cloud add-on enables you to do this. You don’t need Microsoft Excel to use it, but if you have Excel you can also copy to and from Excel to update your JIRA issues.

Takayuki, our developer, said, “I attended the Atlassian Connect Week in Sydney with three teammates as part of a drive to accelerate our cloud product development. I’m really happy about releasing our first cloud add-on, and we’re so grateful to everyone who has helped us, both at the Connect Week and afterwards as well.”

Takayuki and Kenichi often review codes in the breakroom.

Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud is now available in Atlassian Marketplace. You can try it for yourself to see how it works. If you like it, please leave your comments in the review section!


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