The Atlassian Summit Europe is just around the corner – our new Ricksoft T-shirt is ready!

As we highlighted in our last post, the first Atlassian Summit Europe will be held next month. We’re really excited to be participating in the event, and to be sponsoring it.

Our developers will be displaying their range of new products at the Summit, and to go with this, our marketing team has decided to create a new T-shirt as a nice giveaway for visitors.

Ricksoft’s “Because you’ve got projects” T-shirts might sound familiar to you if you’re a long-time Atlassian customer. That’s because Atlassian originally had “Because you’ve got issues” JIRA T-shirts (still popular even though it’s been 10 years since they first came out).

With these in mind, we’ve created a T-shirt which has “projects” instead of “issues”. This speaks to the fact that we now have two add-ons, WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA and Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA, which are highly popular with project managers.

My team are wearing the T-shirt at the event. We hope you like it. You may get one yourself if you’re lucky! : )

Looking forward to seeing you at the Ricksoft stand!!


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