Retrospective: Hola Barcelona! The First Ever Atlassian Summit in Europe

If I remember correctly, the first ever Atlassian Summit was held in San Francisco in 2009. There has been a Summit every year since then, either in San Francisco or in San Jose.

Eight years later, Atlassian decided the time was right to hold a Summit in Europe as well. We at Ricksoft were proud to sponsor the inaugural Summit Europe in Barcelona, Spain, on May 2-4, 2017.

The Summit started with a keynote address, a useful way of getting an update on what Atlassian has done recently, and where they are heading for the future. The recording of the keynote is available on YouTube. I recommend all of you to watch it if you missed it!

A memorable Summit like this was a great opportunity for us to wear our famous “Because you’ve got projects” T-shirts and to showcase our popular range of project management add-ons:

WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA

Our flagship add-on, WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA (WBS Gantt-Chart), is a project management tool which enables JIRA customers to use WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and Gantt charts for managing their projects. This is an ideal add-on for anyone who uses JIRA for project tracking.

It’s especially useful if you are looking for an alternative product to Microsoft Project: WBS Gantt-Chart’s user experience is similar to that of Microsoft Project, and it’s a lot cheaper. We also have the MS Project importer for JIRA add-on which customers can use for migrating their tasks and data into WBS Gantt-Chart.

Visit the product page here on Atlassian Marketplace for a free trial and more details.

Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA

Another popular add-on from Ricksoft is Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA. This enables you to edit multiple JIRA issues at once via a built-in spreadsheet. You can edit them just as you would in Microsoft Excel.

JIRA has Bulk Edit functionality, but it can be frustrating to use at times. With Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA, you can update multiple issues while looking at and comparing other issues on the same spreadsheet. This is a lot easier than using JIRA’s bulk change function.

If you are an Atlassian Cloud user, rest assured. As blogged a couple of weeks ago, we have released Excel like Issue Editor for JIRA Cloud. It’s available for immediate use, so you can start getting the benefits from it right away.

Alfresco connector for JIRA/Confluence

If you use Alfresco products and Atlassian products in your organization, why not integrate them with Alfresco connector for JIRA/Confluence? This is just the add-on you need to help you get the best out of both products.

The Summit events are a great opportunity for us to meet and talk to our customers face to face. We got a lot of great feedback on our add-ons this time, and we’ll use this to ensure we keep making our products even better!

The next Summit is scheduled for September in San Jose, California. Ricksoft will be in attendance again. Hope to see you all there!


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