Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Data Center – Major Updates (v2.0.0)

Celebrate the new year with our new Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Data Center. In our commitment to delivering a top-notch app, our developers have gone the extra mile to enhance the overall experience for our valuable customers. These significant updates encompass improvements to the user interface, user experience, app functionalities, and overall performance.

These major changes mark another milestone that we achieved in 2023. Our goal was to improve the delivery time of our features, narrow the gap between the Data Center and Cloud versions, provide more flexibility to satisfy customer requests to customize existing features, and, lastly, enhance the app’s security and performance.

Don’t miss out on this important update! We highly recommend upgrading your app to version 2.0.0.

Here are some exciting features you’ll benefit from when you upgrade:


Streamlined User Experience and Cleaner User Interface

Have a look at the before and after. Note the change in the comments column so you can easily see how many comments have been made, and click to view all comments.

Experience a streamlined user interface with enhanced comment visibility.

New Excel-like Dropdown Menu

The dropdown menu has changed to a familiar, Excel-like format.

Excel-like dropdown menu in the Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor (Data Center).

Cell Editor Improvements

We’ve enhanced all cell editors, with the description cell serving as an example. Users can now effortlessly switch between visual and text formats. The addition of ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ buttons improves user comprehension, offering a more intuitive experience compared to the previous check and cross buttons.

Improved cell editors and the addition of'save' and 'cancel' buttons

Upgrade today to enjoy the benefits of these improvements. In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime.

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