We’re Live on Productboard Portal: Send in Your Ricksoft App Ideas

We want to make sharing Ricksoft app feedback and ideas easier for you. 

That’s why we’re now live on Productboard Portal!

It’s a product management app that allows us to gather your valuable insights to plan our product roadmap even better. 

Whether you’re reporting bugs or simply proposing features, you can do it all there. The best part is that you don’t even have to be logged in to suggest your ideas. 

Just click on “Submit idea” and start sharing your ideas on how we can make our apps better.

How We Used to Gather Ricksoft App Feedback

If you’ve reported bugs or suggested improvements for our apps in the past, you might have done that through our Jira Public Tracker

Starting from January 31, 2021, we’ve switched the public tracker into a read-only mode and migrated existing issues to our brand-new Productboard Portal. 

You can still contact us through our Service Desk to raise a support request. 

Continue reading to know how you can start reporting bugs and sharing feedback using the new channel.

Using Our New Ricksoft App Feature Portal

Here are some features of the product portal that can help you share ideas faster:

Submit New Ideas with Just Your Email Address

We know what a hassle it can be if you need to log in or create an account just to give your suggestions. 

With this new product portal, you can add your feedback through email! 

A screenshot showing how to submit new idea for an app via Productboard Portal.
Submit suggestions and app bugs without even creating an account or logging in.

Vote and Add Context on Existing Idea Cards

If your idea or issue has already been reported, simply vote, and add more context to it. We can then focus on the top-requested suggestions.

A screenshot showing how to vote for submitted ideas on Productboard Portal.
Click on an idea card and let us know how we should prioritize and develop it.

Monitor Upcoming Ricksoft App Updates

Once you’ve added your app feedback to our Productboard Portal, you’ll have complete visibility into the status of those requests. See if your ideas are Under Consideration, Planned, or already Released. 

Don’t worry, we’ll notify you by email once the app features are successfully launched! 

A screenshot showing the different statuses of a submitted idea on Productboard Portal.
Visually track the progress of your suggestions.

We Welcome Your Ricksoft App Insights!

So, if you—our valued, long-standing customers—have any ideas or feedback for our apps, let us know through Ricksoft’s Productboard Portal. 

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