We’re Updating Pricing for Our Flagship Apps

In our previous blog post, we detailed what you can expect from us this year in light of Atlassian’s plan to transition out of Server.

More Cloud apps and better feature parity are just some of the exciting changes that we’ll focus on.

But the million-dollar question that our customers are asking is: are the prices for our apps changing?

Continue reading to know how we’re adjusting the pricing for Ricksoft apps come January 11, 2021.

Updated Pricing for Better App Experience

We’ll update the pricing for two of our apps, WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira and Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira, effective January 11, 2021, 9 a.m. Pacific Time (PT).

The pricing for the Server and Cloud versions of the Gantt chart app will increase. However, this is being counterbalanced by reduced pricing for the Data Center version.

As for our issue editor app, its Cloud pricing will decrease while pricing for other deployment options will remain the same.

Despite these price changes, you’ll continue having access to the app features you love and our exceptional customer service.

Check your new pricing plan using the app calculator in the respective product pages linked below.

Or click the link below to download our latest pricing change guide.

Download Ricksoft Updated Pricing Guide 2021

What Does the Pricing Update Mean for You

If your mission-critical business processes are shaped with our Server apps, then it’s high time that you designed a transition roadmap for your business needs.

Here’s what you can do to be better prepared for our upcoming price update:

Make Use of Atlassian’s Grandfathering Policy

Atlassian’s grandfathering policy provides existing app users and evaluators a smoother transition to the updated pricing.

  • If you’re an existing customer, you’ll get a 60-day price override that’ll enable you to pay the lower price when you renew or purchase an app license. Note that the renewal price override only applies if you’re on the same product edition and the quote is created before the renewal override date (60 days from the price change).
  • If you’re an existing Cloud evaluator, you can pay the lower price if you purchase the app license before the evaluation expires.
  • If you’re an existing Server/Data Center evaluator, you’ll receive the new price unless you have a pre-existing quote.

Raise a support ticket if you have any queries about our app pricing.

Explore Atlassian and Ricksoft Cloud and Data Center Options

Besides that, now’s the right time for you to fully explore Atlassian Cloud and Data Center offerings. Check out their Atlassian Migration Program for your preferred migration pathway.

You can also rely on Cloud Migration Assistant apps on the Marketplace to assess the availability and compatibility of your current apps.

Fortunately, most of the important Ricksoft Server app features are already available in Cloud and Data Center versions.

That said, we’re working hard to ensure full feature parity for our apps across deployment options by April 2021.

Continued Support from Us to You

No matter your decision to follow Atlassian’s journey to Cloud or remain with Server until the foreseeable future, we’ll be with you to support your project management needs.

For more information on our complete list of apps, available deployment options, and current pricing, check out our Atlassian Marketplace profile.

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