Space Sync for Confluence: Everyone Is on the Same Page, Even If They Are an Outsider

Have you ever needed to copy a page to another space or export a page to send it to a Confluence user of another site?

This tedious task is required when:

  • You need to publish a draft from a private space to a public space.
  • You have content on two different Confluence sites.
  • You can’t access the space that a page is in.

Space Sync for Confluence resolves this problem.

Sync pages over spaces with just one click. Even if the destination spaces are on another site and you can’t access them, it won’t be a problem. Check out our demo video to better understand how Space Sync for Confluence works.

The Most Secure and Easiest Way to Sync Pages

Here’s how you sync pages with spaces using our app.

Just One-Click to Sync a Page

After the space administrator has synced all the spaces, clicking the Push button is the only action you need to perform to update a page in all synced spaces.

The Push button aligns page content across all synced spaces. However, the app never pulls anything from the synced spaces, so users can feel safe about the content of other pages in said spaces.

On top of that, the destination space users can push the latest update back to the source page.

The app pushes pages as if a human operates it. All page content including tables, attachments, macro, and so on are maintained in all the synced spaces. The page tree is also automatically built the same as the source page tree. Apart from that, Confluence features like notifications work as usual.

The app allows space administrators to sync a space with multiple other spaces. You can select which space the page should go to when you push the page.

Space Sync for Confluence
Update pages across synced spaces with just a Push of a button.

Synced Space on External Sites

Synced spaces can also be on another site. The app is the only one that supports syncing pages with ones on external sites.

You don’t need an account and permission from external sites. The app resolves it. You only need our app and permission for your own space.

The app provides a way to mention users on external sites if the destination space administrator allows it. We will provide more features to remove constraints about external sites in the future.

Establish Synced Spaces Easily and Securely

Three steps to establish synced spaces:

  1. Create a new sync setting in the source space.
  2. Download the one-time token for the setting.
  3. Import the token to the destination space.

It’s very easy and efficient.

Space Sync for Confluence in Action
Set up your synchronization in just three steps.

It’s also secure because:

  • No password is required. Passwords can be insecure sometimes if they can be easily guessed or short.
  • The token can be used only once. If the token is used, it becomes invalid immediately. Therefore, it’s difficult for attackers to use stolen tokens.

View Page Sync Status

The app shows the sync statuses of a page clearly so that you can determine whether you should push it or not.
The status will let you know if:

  • The destination space doesn’t have the pushed page;
  • Both spaces have the latest pushed page;
  • Your page has been updated but not pushed;
  • The destination page has been updated, and so on.

If the space is synced with multiple other spaces, you can control each synced space because the status is shown one by one.

Page Sync Status
View your page sync status easily.

Have a Flexible Document Workflow

Download the app to enhance your document workflow. The app allows you to build a more flexible workflow. To better understand how to best use our app, feel free to also check our extensive documentation.

New Features in the Pipeline

We always look for ways to improve our app and enhance your experience. Stay tuned as we are testing out the following features:

  • List all synced spaces on your site.
  • Sync comments.

Got some great ideas for our app? Share them with us through our service desk.

FAQs on Ricksoft’s Beta Program

Is Space Sync for Confluence free?

Unfortunately, Space Sync for Confluence is a paid app. That said, it has a free trial that you can use to see how it can benefit your organization.

When is Space Sync for Confluence going to be a paid license?

As of May 2023, Space Sync for Confluence is now a paid app.

How much does Space Sync for Confluence cost?

The exact pricing varies depending on the size of your team. For teams of 10 and below, Space Sync for Confluence is free. However, for larger teams, to find out the specific cost, input your team size in the pricing section here.

Can I keep the data created and used in Space Sync for Confluence during the beta period even after the period ends? 

Yes. We will notify you should future Confluence updates affect your data.

Where can I give customer feedback on the beta version of Space Sync for Confluence? 

Please leave your feedback at our service desk.

Will the features for Space Sync for Confluence be the same after the beta period? 

App features could be changed or pivoted in the future depending on the feedback collected throughout the beta period.

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