Ricksoft found a powerful way to simplify complex project management

In a fast-changing world, the conventional project management is becoming more demanding than ever. Managers need efficient solutions to make their life easier.

Meet James. James is a hard-working project manager at a renowned development company. He is responsible for managing a complex project that is also the number one priority for the organization right now. He is using Jira which is a great tool for handling tough projects.

Unfortunately – the job is becoming increasingly hard because he’s tangled in irrelevant tasks and inefficient processes like:

  • Managing high ticket volumes and handling numerous Jira issues
  • Creating progress documents and listing the issues hierarchically
  • Working with multiple projects and ‘the import and filter issues’ that arise

…and because of all these hassles, James remains confused and frustrated. In a word, his current job is – miserable.

Does this sound familiar?

Even the most experienced project managers have faced similar situations. To solve this quandary, we at Ricksoft have simplified the intricate project management by offering a solution that is easy to use and costs less than buying coffee for your team.

Naturally, we are quite excited!

You see we’ve taken all the good qualities of Jira and combined it seamlessly with WBS Gantt-Chart add-on to create a perfect solution to manage big projects. But before we begin to explain the leading benefits of this collaboration, let’s find out the reason why do you need Gantt Charts in Jira:

  • The Gantt add-on adds further to ‘the visualization and calculation features’ of the Jira platform, thus significantly simplifying project management.
  • The combination is easy to set up and is compatible with other relevant external software.
  • You can create a baseline, automate scheduling, and monitor the log progress with a few simple clicks.
  • You can reduce the clutter with a handy drag-and-drop feature.
  • The projects are easier to manage as every change gets instantly synced to any Jira field you want.
  • Exporting your plans to Microsoft Excel is a cakewalk.

…and these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.

Using WBS Gantt-Charts in Jira covers all your current and future needs

This solution is a godsend for busy project managers. It is difficult to believe a simple add-on can offer the entire schedule in Gantt style while providing an intuitive way of visualizing tasks across the team. Such is the power of the solution.

Other day-to-day benefits that stand out:

  • Gain control – Have a complete control over your deadlines
  • Timely alerts – Just assign the workloads and the program will alert you if the distribution teams aren’t productive
  • Track progress – The team members can update their progress and you track the project completion status in real-time
  • Perfect communication – Utilize the powerful communication capabilities of Jira
  • Works for everyone – The solution is not scale-dependent as it works even for smaller setups with few employees and minimum resources
  • Not expensiveCost-effective pricing with no monthly charges and perpetual licensing

Jira + WBS Gantt Chart – The best kept secret for exemplary performance!

With a solution like this, we unify the best features from two of the most powerful project management tools. Try it out today and join the league of industry titans like Google and Bosch. Honestly, it’s hard to ignore the vast amount of actionable information that is available at just a click away. Contact one of our experienced team members and find out how we can help you unlock your true potential.

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