Harness AI Power to Transform Your Atlassian Product Experience (New App Alert!)

With 2024 fast approaching, we’re ready to embrace yet another transformative year of AI following the general release of Atlassian Intelligence.

Here’s a quick recap of Atlassian Intelligence features and what to expect.

Leverage Atlassian Intelligence to enhance your team’s workflow

Atlassian Intelligence utilizes internally developed language models and OpenAI to map a unique teamwork graph. Based on this data, it understands your team’s collaborative environment and offers tailored solutions across various Atlassian cloud-based products.

In this section, we’ll highlight the key benefits of Atlassian Intelligence for different teams.

⚠️ Activate Atlassian Intelligence for products

Business and project teams: Create content and collaborate with ease in Confluence

Atlassian Intelligence is your trusted companion in generating new content, refining your writing tone, or quickly summarizing lengthy documents.

Generative AI in Confluence editor

Need to find answers or information faster? You can also pop your question in the Confluence search bar and let Atlassian Intelligence guide you to the right place.

AI-powered Confluence search


For more inspiration on this topic, check out this article: How I use AI as a product marketer: top tips and prompts

Product and engineering teams: Accelerate any type of work in Jira

Write user stories effortlessly, brainstorm, and summarize content for updates or comments. Most excitingly, you can convert natural language into JQL for advanced issue navigation.

Auto-generate JQL based on query

For engineers, you can leverage generative AI in Bitbucket to improve the Pull Request experience, including description writing and comments.

Generative AI makes workflows much smoother.

Customer success and support teams: Quick answers, swift solutions

Teams can use the virtual agent to summarize any intricate request based on the issue’s activity history, enabling agents to get up to speed faster. You can link respective Confluence spaces to your JSM projects to pull relevant information and generate responses instantly. Plus, it also helps publish new knowledge base articles based on the responses.

Utilize virtual assistants to get your work done quicker.

*AI summaries and virtual agent features are only available for JSM Premium/Enterprise plans

Want more AI content? Catch Atlassian Unleashed on-demand sessions

Customize your Atlassian tools with AI-powered apps

Atlassian has also concluded its annual Hackathon event “Codegeist Unleashed”, where you’ll see even more exciting apps powered by Artificial Intelligence and Forge.

Our team at Ricksoft is excited to ride the new waves of AI with our very own innovation: Intelligent Helper – AI Suggest for JSM Support Agent

To accompany Atlassian Intelligence, this app takes the next step to enhance your JSM experience: not only auto-generate solutions for the customer’s issue based on historical data, the app intends to streamline the documentation process by helping teams create new knowledge base articles for common customer inquiries.

While the app is still in its infancy with limited features, being awarded the “Most Valuable Storytelling” prize guarantees our vision for this AI venture.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage the support team’s processes, including the maintenance of the knowledge base, we’d love to understand your team’s needs and requirements so we can design our app to accommodate more extensive use cases on top of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities.

All in all, we’d love it if you signed up to join our beta list for our Intelligent Helper app today to shape the future of AI apps together with Ricksfot!

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