Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira Cloud: Improved Data Display

When we released Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira, we wanted to bypass Jira’s frustrating bulk operation function and make issue management a breeze.

Today, we’re excited to release the new version of Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira Cloud. With this update, you can consolidate all custom fields from Jira Toolkit plugin and more (e.g. parent fields, etc.) in a single spreadsheet and easily edit your Jira issues.

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New Features of Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira

Check out these new features of our app:


Display Toolkit Plugin for Jira Custom Fields

This free toolkit is a set of custom fields that help filter and showcase important information that may otherwise be unavailable, especially if you’re managing tons of Jira issues.

With our latest update, you can display custom fields (e.g. number of attachments, number of comments, etc.) from the toolkit right within the spreadsheet and efficiently manage your issues.

Get more information out of your Jira and display it in a spreadsheet.


Display Parent Fields

Not just for showing and changing parent-child issue relationships, the app now allows you to map and display “Summary“ field information of a parent issue throughout associated sub-tasks. This means that you can quickly skim through your sub-tasks and understand how they’re related to the parent issue.

Displaying information from a parent issue to sub-tasks is easy with this new release.

If you’re new to Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira, be sure to check out its other powerful features that are available on both cloud and server versions:

  • Edit multiple issues through a built-in spreadsheet
  • Data exchange between Microsoft Excel and Jira
  • Microsoft Excel operations (e.g. sort and filter, freeze columns, etc.)
  • Hierarchy view for epic links and sub-tasks
  • Data bars for numbers and time tracking
  • Inline editing


Upcoming Features

We’re still working on the following feature to improve user experience:

  • Creating Jira issues right within the app

Watch this space for the update pretty soon. Have some ideas to enhance our app? Let us know through our dedicated Public Tracker or raise a support request through our Service Desk.


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