Speedy, Stress-Free Jira Issue Management

Spend more time managing your teams and delivering value instead of wading through your Jira backlog. Bulk edit multiple issues and see real-time changes reflected in Jira while bypassing the hassle of Jira’s multi-step, multi-screen process for in-line edits. Effortlessly update your priorities, statuses, summaries, due dates, and more with just a few clicks while keeping all of your issues well within view.

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Take The Reins Of Your Issue Editing

The litmus test for a good project manager (PMs) can be summed in a word: control. From managing stakeholders to assigning tasks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, with Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira, PMs will no longer get bogged down by the noise of issue editing. Edit up to 10,000 issues from either one or multiple projects in one swoop without ever needing to leave your display and never once letting lag get the better of you.

No More Tedious Grooming

Gone are the days of pulling your hair out over messy backlogs. No longer will backlog grooming be the bane of the PM, thanks to Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira. With the ability to make in-line edits within the spreadsheet itself, edit multiple field values simultaneously, and utilize helpful Excel-like operations such as sorting, filtering, and freezing, backlog grooming will be a cakewalk. Best of all? You can do everything including updating issue statuses, assigning tasks, and setting due dates without ever having to leave your instance.

Draw On Excel’s Power

PMs can harness the power of Excel, taking their issue management to the next level. Data is the lifeblood of effective management, so not understanding it is asking to be left behind. PMs will be able to export hundreds of error-free issues from Jira to Excel (or vice versa). There, you can analyze your issues with Excel’s host of in-depth, analytical tools.

Keep Scope Creep In Check

Surprises aren’t fun, especially those that derail projects. One example is scope creep, when more and more issue edits have to be made due to changing requirements and miscommunication. This negatively impacts productivity. To prevent this, Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for Jira provides PMs with an extensive overview of all their issues. You’ll be able to take a deeper look into the work breakdown structure by seeing how issues hierarchically relate to each other and set permissions to prevent anyone from making unwanted changes and updates.

Proper Issue Management Leads To Issueless Management

To manage your Jira issues properly is to keep your project on the road to success. Staying on top of your issues means you’ll be constantly aware of what needs to be done, who it should be done by, and how you can best plan ahead in light of future work.

Why not try out the power of Excel-like Bulk Issue Editor for yourself and see how it can benefit your project management experience?



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