The Ultimate Guide to Jira Backlog Grooming

Master this key practice in agile project management in Jira. Best practices, tips, and a new tool – get them all in one guide.

The Ultimate Guide to Jira Backlog Grooming

Finding it hard to do sprint planning? Constantly encountering blockers and scope creep? Then you may be neglecting to groom your backlog.

With “The Ultimate Guide to Jira Backlog Grooming,” scrum refinement will be a breeze! Download it now and you’ll:

  • Learn all about the basics of a backlog and its different types
  • Master 3 key steps to Jira backlog grooming along with best practices
  • Discover 4 warning signs that indicate your backlog needs grooming
  • Understand what an effectively groomed backlog looks like
  • Uncover how backlog grooming can help you streamline sprint planning
  • Find out how Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira can help you groom your backlog like a pro!

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Successful agile project management begins in your backlog.