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Get the big picture of your project using an intuitive Microsoft Project-like interface. Then break it down and visualize issue dependencies for unstoppable team execution.

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Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira

Easily edit Jira issues – whether 10 or 10,000 – from one built-in spreadsheet app. Complete with must-have Microsoft Excel features for robust issue management.

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Excel-like Tables for Jira

Supercharge every Jira issue with an Excel-like table or spreadsheet. With over 450 excel-like formulas, tables and charts, this powerful add-on will optimize your data with ease.

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Excel-like Tables for Confluence

Populate your Confluence pages with Excel-like powers. Create spreadsheets and tables, organize your data, and use formulas as you would in Excel. Do it all in effortless fashion within the realms of Confluence.

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Gantt Chart Planner For Confluence

Gantt-Charts can be daunting for new users, so we’ve made it simple. Create deadlines, set dependencies, assign resources, and more like a pro. Unlock a smarter way to manage projects and your team without ever leaving confluence.

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