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Project Management

Do you feel product management is too complicated? With Ricksoft's add-ons, you're only a couple clicks away from entering a world where management is easier than ever before.
WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira

Project progress visualization

Issues are hierarchized in WBS so that the relationship between them can be figured out in a systematic manner, and you can capture the status of a whole project.

Additionally, you can find discrepancies between the plan and actual achievement. If your task falls behind, WBS Gantt-Chart for Jira lets you reschedule and re-assign it quickly. ​

This is the perfect add-on for project management, issue management, and task status management if you use Atlassian Jira. MS Project importer for Jira is available for those who want to import data from it. Check blogs for our latest news.
Excel-like-Issue Editor for Jira

Update issues in spreadsheet

Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira is an Atlassian Jira add-on that lets you edit issues in an Excel-like format. Now you can edit multiple tickets simultaneously, easily, and more quickly in one window. This add-on lets you manage Jira issues more efficiently.

Content Management

You probably know Alfresco as an industry leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. But did you know you can integrate it with Atlassian products?

Try Ricksoft's add-on connector for Alfresco and Atlassian products and experience greater security and improved productivity.
Alfresco connector for Jira
product alfresco
product alfresco
product alfresco
product alfresco
product alfresco

Manage process and contents

You can integrate Alfresco, the popular Enterprise Content Management system, with Atlassian Jira by using this simple but powerful add-on.

Since Alfresco's content management and Jira's process management offer seamless integration, you will be able to see who created the deliverables, in which project or which phase, at any time you choose.

And even more, you can preview contents, input via Alfresco connector for Jira, not only as thumbnails but also in Excel and Word without having to open either program.
Alfresco connector for Atlassian Confluence

Powerful content management

Atlassian Confluence is great software to organize and share contents. You can extend its capabilities by integrating it with Alfresco Enterprise Content Management system through this add-on.

Contents entered via Alfresco connector for Confluence can be viewed as thumbnails or movies without the need to open any Microsoft or Adobe applications.

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